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Top Tier Technology, Targeting & Tracking

Lookback Technology

Lookback Technology

It's a little mind blowing, but imagine being able go back in time up to one year, put a geo fence around a competitor's business, an event or even an area or residential address list,  capture the devices that were there on a given day or everyday, with the ability to eliminate employees or customers, and then serve your ads to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops at the their home and office.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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Targeting Tools

Targeting Tools

We offer a complete suite of products and features including HULU, Connected TV, OTT, Addressables, past, present and future event Geo Fencing, Social Marketing & Posting, Reputation Management, Listings Sync, Review Request & Review Response, Retargeting & Remarketing, Video Pre-Roll, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Targeting, Streaming Audio, Youtube, Native Advertising, IP Targeting, Language Browser Targeting, Advanced CRM Targeting, Websites Design, Chatbots and a lot more!
24/7 Client Dashboard

24/7 Client Dashboard

You've never been able to track your advertising like this before.  With our advanced and easy to understand client dashboard, you'll never have to wonder how your campaigns are doing, because you can review all of your campaign tactics and metrics any time of the day including impressions, clicks, conversions, physical visits, creatives performance, time and day, data elements, websites, Google analytics, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of other platforms.  Call today for a free demo.

What Exactly Does Top Tier Mean to You?

  • Your ads won't be displayed at the bottom of the page because our top tier campaigns only serve ads "above the fold"
  • A 98%+ chance of human clicks instead of web-bots since your ads will only be served on the top 5000 Quantcast ranked websites 
  • Your display campaigns will come with a CTR guarantee, we'll even over deliver impressions to hit the guaranteed number of clicks if necessary
  • Instead of using assumable data like many providers, our unique geo fencing w/lookback technology has the ability go back in time, eliminate customers or employees with accuracy right down to one square meter
  • Our campaign managers are financially incentivized, meaning the people that actually pull the levers get bonuses when your campaigns perform
  • The management team keeps a manageable volume of campaign managers to ensure that no campaign is left behind

*Standard display, video & geo fencing options and pricing available.
Premium Quality 100% Guaranteed
Success You Can Measure

Success You Can Measure

Whether you are just starting out, or just need to adjust your strategy, we can work with you to create a marketing plan and message that will relate to your target market and lead to success. 
Results You Can Track

Results You Can Track

Our service includes comprehensive reporting and individualized plans made up of quality digital products that will help you identify gaps and opportunities to help your business be more successful. 

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